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Summer Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

Summer is the time when kids relax at their home as they have long holidays. Due to a long break, the school playgrounds are not maintained often. As a result, the equipment of school playgrounds might rust or degrade due to water, UV rays, and pollutants.

It is necessary to maintain school playgrounds during summer break. Let us explore the tips for maintaining school playgrounds in the summer season.

Best summer maintenance tips for school playgrounds

School playgrounds can be maintained properly by following the below tips:

1. Get the equipment repaired or replaced

If you discover any broken or damaged school playground equipment, repair it immediately. You must call a professional team to repair equipment or replace it for the safety of kids. Summer is an ideal time to get the repairs of school playground equipment.

2. Timely inspection of playground equipment

School playground equipment might turn rusty if not used for some weeks. One of the most important things is to inspect the playground regularly. You can get it done with some expert playground equipment manufacturer team as they will have more insights to get the check done properly. They will carefully check the playground equipment for damage or vandalism. It is necessary to collect debris from the playground and make it clean for kids. Timely inspection of the playground will improve the safety of children.

3. Look at the drainage system

The lack of a proper drainage system causes problems such as waterlogging and damage in the playgrounds. The waterlogging problem gives rise to many waterborne diseases among kids. It also causes illness and injuries in the children. You must repair drainage systems to solve the problems and reduce the hazards of injuries among kids.

4. Check the damages from natural calamities

Strong winds, heavy monsoons, and snowfall might harm playground equipment. You must check these damages and solve them immediately.You can quickly enlist a professional repair team to promptly repair or replace your equipment. Timely repairs and replacement of parts of school playground equipment will reduce the risk of major injuries in children.

5. Check fences and benches

Fences and benches act as protectors for toddlers and kids. Environmental hazards like heavy monsoons and strong winds can damage fences and benches. Call the repairing team to fix broken fences and benches to increase the safety of kids. Repairing the fences and benches will keep kids safe during play.

6. Look for all types of surfacing

The next thing to look for is surfacing material of playground equipment. Proper surfacing will reduce the risks of injuries in the kids. Professionals will do an even surfacing on the land and give an attractive look to the playground. They will also suggest the necessary steps to surface the land of the playground.


These are the most effective summer maintenance tips to follow for school playgrounds. You should regularly hire an expert to inspect the playground every few weeks. The team of professionals will inspect the full playground and identify the issues. They will fix the issues and make playground safe for kids.