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Phone Booths or Meeting Pods

Phone Booths or Meeting Pods: What’s Right for Your Team?

Open floor plans are very popular office designs in the current times. They promote a collaborative work culture and boost interaction among the employees. But they also have some drawbacks such as lack of privacy and mental focus in the staff. Phone booths and meeting pods have replaced these traditional open floor spaces in the office areas.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of phone booths and meeting pods. We will look at the major differences between phone booths and meeting pods and pick the best one.

Definition of phone booths

Phone booths are small pods built within the office space. They look like a traditional telephone box and offer various benefits to the employees. Due to its small size, these phonebooths can be easily moved within the office area from one point to another. 

Advantages of phone booths

Phone booths are small office structures that give multiple benefits such as:

  • These booths boost the mental focus of employees.
  • They maintain full privacy during the working hours.
  • Phone booths boost productivity among the staff and can be shifted easily.

Definition of meeting pods

A good meeting pod which is developed by a reliable office furniture manufacturer will definitely come with plenty of features such as audiovisual equipment, video conference, and so on. These pods are specifically developed for meetings, collaborative sessions, and brainstorming sessions.

Benefits of meeting pods

Meeting pods are enclosed units for conducting group meetings and brainstorming sessions. They give various benefits such as:

  • Meeting pods are affordable to build in small office spaces.
  • They contain soundproof walls to stop outside noise to distract important meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • These pods can be used for multiple purposes such as formal discussions, meetings, and sessions.

Differences between phone booths and meeting pods

We discussed the benefits of both phonebooths and meeting pods. Now, let us discuss the differences between both these office layouts:

PhoneBooths are freestanding structures that offer privacy during the work time. On the other hand, the meeting pods are suitable for office areas where many meetings and sessions are conducted daily. These pods have a lack of privacy and might disturb the employees while working on important projects.

Phonebooths are smaller than meeting pods and can be comfortably moved from one place to another. On the other hand, the meeting pods are larger and cannot be shifted easily within the office spaces.

PhoneBooths do not help in collaborative projects and teamwork as they are standalone structures. Contrary to that, the meeting pods help to boost teamwork and employees can communicate easily with one another. They help to discuss the important things related to group projects.

Final words

Both phone booths and meeting pods have their own benefits and drawbacks. They can be used according to the needs and requirements of the employees. If you want a private workspace, go for phonebooths. On the other hand, choose meeting pods if you want to enjoy successful brainstorming sessions and group meetings with your staff members.