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Is ADT a Better Home Security Company Compared to Brinks?

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • ADT vs Brinks – a Comparison 
  1. Security Packages
  • ADT Secure
  • ADT Smart
  • ADT Complete
  • Brinks Security Packages
  1. Professional Installation
  2. Mobile Application
  3. Contracts
  • Final Thoughts


ADT and Brinks are two of the biggest names when it comes to home security solutions in the United States. Both of the companies offer state of the art, modern security equipment, and services to keep you, your family, and your home safe at all times. 

ADT has been around for over a decade and has specialized in home security equipment and services for more than 120 years. Brinks has been around for even longer but only started focusing on home security in 1994 when Brinks Home was launched. 

If you ask for a recommendation, we’ll suggest you get ADT. This is because ADT has been providing home security solutions for a longer time, provides comprehensive services, and is available in more areas compared to Brinks. In this article, let’s take a detailed look at both Brinks and ADT security packages, prices, and other features. 

ADT vs Brinks – a Comparison 

Here’s a thorough comparison of ADT and Brinks:

Security Packages

Both ADT and Brinks offer multiple security packages that vary in price and features. Take a look at them here:

ADT Secure

ADT Secure is one of the basic security packages provided by ADT. It caters to individuals seeking budget-friendly yet dependable home security solutions. In addition to the standard equipment, which includes security cameras, fire, and CO alarms, this package features a touchscreen control panel, window and door sensors, and motion detectors.

Furthermore, it incorporates fire sensors, flood and water sensors, as well as intrusion detectors. What’s more, you can effortlessly manage your security system using voice commands!

ADT Smart

ADT Smart builds upon the foundation of ADT Secure by offering additional equipment and enhanced capabilities. This package includes all the equipment found in ADT Secure, along with the addition of a smart door lock and smart plug. These Smart devices can be seamlessly synchronized with the ADT mobile app, granting you control from any location, as this package also supports home automation.

ADT Smart provides ample room for customization, which is why it remains a highly sought-after choice. 

ADT Complete

Amplifying the spectrum of ADT Secure and ADT Smart, this bundle confers the priceless advantage of ceaseless, round-the-clock recording and archival of your security camera visuals. These visuals are vigilantly ensconced within a cloud-based repository, guaranteeing your access ubiquity, unrestricted by locale or time.

Moreover, ADT Complete augments the ambit of home automation to embrace an even broader array of household contrivances and gadgets, encompassing thermostats, intelligent illumination fixtures, surveillance cameras, and beyond. The price point for this all-encompassing package stands at $57.99 monthly.

Brinks Security Packages

Brinks also offers a variety of internet packages that have different prices and offer similar equipment and services. The starting package from Brinks is known as Brinks Security Essential. Moving on, we have Brinks Complete Security, and Finally, Brinks’ most comprehensive package is known as Brinks Ultimate Security.

Below are the details and a comparison table for both ADT and Brinks security packages:

FeaturesADT SecureADT SmartADT CompleteBrinks EssentialBrinks CompleteBrinks Ultimate
Price$45.99/ month$49.99/ month$57.99/ month$360Upfront$590 Upfront$799 Upfront
Professional Installation????
Security Cameras??????
Professional Monitoring? (Free)?(Free)?(Free)$39.99/ Month$44.99/ Month$49.99/ Month
Intrusion Detection?????
Motion Detection??????
Control Panel??????
Carbon Monoxide Alarm??????
Fire/Smoke Detection??????
Flood/Leakage Detection?????
Surveillance Video Streaming????
Remote Access?????
Home Automation?????
Video Recording and Storage???
ADT vs Brinks

Professional Installation

Installation of the security system is one of the most important things. Although ADT and Brinks offer DIY installation systems, it’s still better to get a professional to install the system properly for your home. 

ADT includes professional installation with every home security package it offers. Moreover, the installation is free for multiple locations. Moreover, ADT company representatives will send a team to install your home security system within 1-2 working days to ensure your home security system is swiftly installed.

Brinks also offers professional installation but only with the Brinks Ultimate security package. For other packages, you’ll either have to pay or hire a third party installation expert. 

Mobile Application

All security systems these days are supported by a mobile application. Mobile applications not only enhance your home’s security, but they also make lives convenient for the users. 

ADT has two different applications that come with its home security systems. The ADT Pulse, and an improved version, ADT Control, allow remote access to alarms, live surveillance video streaming, and home automation. You can sync your home appliances and devices, like thermostats, smart lights, locks, plugs, and more with your ADT mobile app and control it from any location, all you’ll need is a Wi-Fi connection!

Brinks also has its own app that allows you to do the following things mentioned above.


Both ADT AND Brinks come with contracts. Usually, these contracts last 3 years and 2 years where regulations don’t allow it. 

However, ADT is a more common choice among people due to its flexibility. ADT Does not demand an upfront amount. You can pay if you want, but your contract will have a monthly payment option as well. Furthermore, ADT offers a 6-month money-back guarantee. In case you’re not satisfied with ADT’s services, you can get a full refund!

This is not the case with Brinks. You’re required to pay an upfront amount for your contract with Brinks with only the monitoring fee as a monthly charge. Furthermore, there’s no specified money-back policy either. 

Final Thoughts

Both Brinks and ADT are comprehensive security systems that can help you keep your home and belongings safe. If you’re looking for a suggestion, ADT edges Brinks because of its equipment, services, and flexibility of options, like contracts and monthly payments. If you need further details about any of ADT or Brinks’ home security packages or services, you can contact their customer service team and a representative of the company will get back to you.